A Couple of Plugs For OH MY GOODNESS…IT’S PAUL LYNDE! Starring Michael Airington

Airington - Lynde

My talented friend Michael Airington will be performing his awesome one-man show Oh My Goodness…It’s Paul Lynde! in Palm Springs at The Purple Room January 22nd – 24th and in San Diego at Martinis Above Fourth January 28th and 29th. I’ve posted previously about Michael’s show here and here….and am always happy to give him a shout out whenever he is appearing somewhere. I believe very strongly in Michael and his show….I have said this before and I will say it again – Michael doesn’t just portray Paul Lynde….he channels him!


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If you will be in the Palm Springs area January 22nd, 23rd or 24th, click here to get more information and to purchase tickets.


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If you will be in the San Diego area January 28th or 29th, click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Oh My Goodness…It’s Paul Lynde! is not to be missed! Here’s a promo for a previous version of this hilarious show:


Gigantic Titanic Laughs

Michael - Doris 1

This past Saturday evening my good and talented friend Michael Airington was performing in his one man show, Oh My Goodness, It’s Paul Lynde, at the Hudson Backstage Theater in Hollywood. Part of the show is a scenario in which Michael shows us how Paul might have auditioned for some famous films, including Love Story, Taxi Driver, Deliverance and The Exorcist….this leads up to Michael/Paul asking a woman from the audience to come up on stage to recreate the final scene between Jack and Rose in Titanic. The woman chosen is usually a young non-actress….but in the video you are about to see, the part of Rose is played by veteran actress Doris Roberts. Needless to say, she steals the show. Enjoy.


Michael - Doris 2

A sweet moment at the end

In Praise of Michael Airington and OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S PAUL LYNDE!

Airington - Lynde

Michael Airington’s awesome one man show, Oh My Goodness, It’s Paul Lynde! opened last night at the Hudson Backstage Theater in Hollywood last evening and here is a fantastic review from Jose Ruiz which begins as such:

“One of the most riotous 90 minutes you will ever spend is being presented at the Hudson Backstage as Michael Airington reincarnates the legendary comedian Paul Lynde. His portrait of Paul Lynde is brilliant, nostalgic and heartfelt. Directed by John Hall and based in part on Lynde’s life and 1976 touring show, this presentation is non-stop laugh riot where Airington’s portrayal makes you swear you were in the same room with Paul Lynde. The voice, the mannerisms, the quick repartee are all there. The impromptu exchanges with random audience members underscore the wit that Paul had, but even more so, the razor sharp quickness of Airington’s mind who can turn laughs on a dime and never break character is in full display.”



A Plug For the AWESOME Michael Airington!


If you are a fan of the late actor/comedian Paul Lynde and you live in the Los Angeles area, you MUST see my very talented friend Michael Airington in his BRILLIANT one man show Oh My Goodness, It’s Paul Lynde!, which opens at the Hudson Backstage Theater on Saturday, August 23rd and plays every Saturday night through September 27th.

I cannot say enough about Michael’s performance….he doesn’t just portray Lynde, he CHANNELS him! Michael’s show is based on the actual show that Lynde toured with in 1976 (Michael won a trunk of the actual material and music from the show in an eBay auction several years ago…and his show is sanctioned by the Lynde Estate)….and Michael has added his own original material….plus the show features questions and answers from The Hollywood Squares, complete with voiceovers from Squares host Peter Marshall, who recorded them specifically for this show. Marshall is such a supporter of Michael’s efforts that he did the voiceovers for free….is that a vote of confidence or what? Here’s a video that Peter Marshall did to plug an earlier incarnation of the show:

And here is a trailer for Michael’s show from a few years ago:

To purchase your tickets for Oh My Goodness, It’s Paul Lynde!, please click HERE….you’ll be glad you did!



It’s Super Chihuahua!

This is too cute….young aspiring film maker Diego Collado put together this video of Champers, an adorable chihuahua owned by our friend Michael Airington, who narrates.

Please Help Fund an Awesome Show!

My talented friend Michael Airington is trying to raise funds for his brilliant one man show OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S PAUL LYNDE….here is an update from Michael about where things stand.

Michael has worked very hard to put this show together and he channels Paul Lynde in a hilarious (and poignant) performance. Please click HERE to help make Michael’s dream come true.


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