Going Blanc

I have returned from my 5-month long hiatus and to celebrate my return and my 100th blog post, I am posting a video of Mel and Noel Blanc on the CBS summer series That’s My Line from August of 1980. I saw this when it aired and I had a hunch about what this was leading up to….and when Bob Barker didn’t ask Noel what his name was, I knew what was coming. Enjoy!


Remembering a Legend….Jack Benny


Jack Benny February 14, 1894 – December 26, 1974


40 years ago today the world lost one of the greatest comedians who ever lived when Jack Benny died at the age of 80….of course, Jack would have insisted that he was 39.

Jack Benny’s career ranged from vaudeville to radio to movies to television to concert stages to personal appearances….and he continued to perform almost until his death from pancreatic cancer. He was even set to co-star with Walter Matthau in the film The Sunshine Boys….that role would played instead by Benny’s best friend of 55 years, George Burns. I’ll bet that Jack would have been pleased that George’s career was revived by his Oscar-winning turn in the movie.

NBC aired a half-hour tribute tribute on December 27th that was hosted by Tom Snyder and CBS aired the following hour-long tribute on December 29th, the day of Benny’s funeral. Hosted by Charles Kuralt, this special includes comments from Benny’s co-stars Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Frank Nelson, Don Wilson, Dennis Day and Mel Blanc, plus Milton Berle, Danny Thomas, Danny Kaye, CBS founder/chairman William S. Paley, Bob Hope’s eulogy at the services and a wonderful clip to end the broadcast….Jack and Gisele MacKenzie with their classic violin duet of “Getting to Know You”.

Today’s Christmas Video

today's christmas video

For may years WPIX in New York City aired their annual Yule Log starting on Christmas Eve and continuing into Christmas Day. It consisted of footage of a crackling fire in a living room fireplace and was accompanied by Christmas music simulcast from WPIX-FM. On this Christmas, I’d like to share this tradition with you. May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

Today’s Christmas Video

today's christmas video

Here’s a nice compilation of clips of Andy Williams with the Osmond Brothers and his own siblings, the Williams Brothers from Christmas editions of The Andy Williams Show. This is from the DVD The Best of the Andy Williams Christmas Shows and features commentary from Donny Osmond and from Andy himself.

Today’s Christmas Video

today's christmas video

Here’s a 1951 Castle Films presentation of Howdy Doody’s Christmas starring Buffalo Bob Smith as himself and as Howdy’s voice, a pre-Captain Kagaroo Bob Keeshan as Clarabell the Clown and Dayton Allen as Ugly Sam, who has mistaken Santa Claus (actor unknown) for a wanted bandit.


Today’s Christmas Video

today's christmas video

I don’t know the name of this song but here are Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore with this delightful number from the Christmas episode The Alan Brady Show Presents from The Dick Van Dyke Show.


Today’s Christmas Video

today's christmas video

From The Ed Sullivan Show in October 1953, Gayla Peevey lip-syncs her upcoming single, I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas.

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